Tuesday, June 28, 2016


          According to Albert Einstein " Compound interest is man's greatest invention"that  apply in a positive way when we are the investors and not the borrowers. That is also one of the most promises that we encounter in HYIP industries or any investment programs. We want to earned money in a shortest way possible and end up being SCAM. It's totally Sad and sometimes lead to frustrations.

        I'ts way back February 2016 when I discovered DIGICUBE coin that has a unique approach when it comes to MINTING.

       I bought it around 1000 to 800 satoshi in a  total of 20,000 digicube just to cope up with 10% of total blocks to be qualified of 5.5% interest per day. What does it mean?

So at that time digicube requires 10% of total blocks, meaning the total block transaction is 200,000. I bought 20,000 digicube and after 24hours I am now qualified for  5.5% interest or 1,100 digicube approximately. In total I have now 21,100 digicube, recombined them and send to my address for another 5.5% compound interest.

If you are confused here's  the equation;
 Day 1 = 20,000 digicube eligible for 5.5% interest rate
Day 2 = a total of 21,100 digicube, recombined them and send to single wallet  address
Day 3= 22,260 digicube (5.5% of 21,100) since  recombined to meet the 10% quota rate because if you don't you will get only 1 digicube.

All you need is repeat the strategy over and over again.

However this kind of approach have it's negative effect and that is INFLATION.. Yes inflation. After 4 months of struggling Digicube faced it's nemesis the DUMPING time. Many holders dump their coins since it's a 5.5% and compounded, and that includes me? Everyone caused panic and from 800 satoshi down to 100 satoshi, but lucky for me, I have already profited and why is that? From 20,000 digicube ,  I accumulated 400,000 digicube in just 4 months and some of them were sold for 300 satoshi, and  I almost earned $200 dollar from my $30 investment.

As you can see I earned around 20,000 cube everyday from my staking wallet, I sold some of it and  I keep some of them for this purpose..

and what purpose is that?


After what happened with huge inflation, The digicube developers decides to have a fork and that will happen when it reach 1,000,000 blocks transactions which you need at least 2millions of cube
and is a big amount of cube. But dont panic you can still have time to earne because up to this writing digicube has been sold around 20 satoshi per cube.

You can buy and sell cube in www.c-cex.com and bleutrade

Requirements needed is you have atleast your own laptop or computer and internet connection because you need to download the qt wallet for staking.

Here is the link to download the wallet  CLICK ME


In order to qualify for  5.5% staking rate you need at least 20% of total blocks or 171,526 cubes as of this writing.

and it updates every 10 minutes. To know the latest requirements you can visit this FORUM

You can download also DigiCube User Guide on this PAGE



  1. Its 5.47% per day until block 1 billion when the fork gives you 1% - 500% return on your investment.

    1. Thanks for stopping by, actually for correction its not 1 billion. It's block 1 million. :D but I appreciate your comment. have a good day...