Thursday, June 30, 2016

EVERGREENcoin - Where NO coin has gone before

Logo credited to EGC Developers.

             At first sight , you will be fascinated with the design of its logo, its very refreshing and has the feeling of advancement. The electric tree circuit symbolized the logo of Evergreencoin that captures my interest and curiosity. I was so delighted to know that EGC aimed for renewable energy like solar power and windmill. It's not so common for cyptocurrency developers to engaged in this  kind of project since it requires a lot of time and effort especially capital investment.

         What  I find unique about EGC is the developers and Community itself, the team strive to make the projects possible and to deliver the world the importance of using renewable energy through cryptocurrency. As the time passed by, I was really hook with this coin and started trading in exchange to hold for future and it never fails me. On April  2016 the developers with the help of Gabi an enthusiast space person announced to bring EGC into atmosphere where no other altcoin has gone before.

photo credited to Gabi fb page

The team prepared for the launching of baloon despite of heavy winds and rains.

         Expect the unexpected thats what happen when the team finally reached the atmosphere, it's unfortunate that due to bad weather condition the flight did not really reached to its peek where the team really want to strive for. There has been negative comments and vibes going on in the community but at last they understand what happen that time. The developers and gabi did their part of the job. They give out their best and that what makes them amazing. Despite of what happen, I still have hopes with this coin, this is only the first flight and there's a lot of lesson  to learn for.


     If you are a trader then you can specify that you can really make great profits with this coin, As you can see the price it  rolls from 200 satoshi and make its highest peak at 3673 satoshi per coin.

    EGC is a hybrid coin that has a both POW (proof of works) and POS (proof of stake) the coin maturity is 24hours and maximum coin for staking is none. This coin will stop generating from POW 20hours as of this writing and that would only generate the POS which is 7%APR. and believed it or not this is the first step that EGC will rise. the supply is very limited and soon the demand will follow. The developers is planning to bring EGC again to atmosphere for the second time and working behind the scene for SOLAR staking power generated machine, that can produced coin through staking without the need of electricity but only the power of the sun. and It will be distributed soon in the market.

  This is my wallet generating coins in POS or staking. I opened only my wallet every other day and it always fulfilled its promise for 7% apr. This amount is just small as it would. but who knows that it would sky the rocket upto $10 , with active developers and ongoing projects, maybe not now or tomorrow but someday.

you can view and download the wallet HERE

"So it's not too late, You can still be part of the community and be one of the millionaires someday" hehehe. Good luck and thank me later.. :D


  1. It's only the beginning of what I think can make a real difference to the way we look at energy.
    A good community and best of all a dev team that has an open ear and doesn't quit the job with the first problem they face.


  2. You have a point gizfreak, its rare to find this kind of developers that has a serious dedication and very cooperative to his members and I hope this project will reached millions to people who are upto with crpto currency and thanks for stopping by.. Have a good day..

  3. The Evergreen developers are great people dedicated to a worthwhile project. We need more sustainable coins as we bring cryptocurrency to the next level. Best wishes to the community, the team, and everyone involved. I feel EGC has a brilliant future.

    1. Yes, Together we can make the EGC dream come into fruition. It will surely benefits not only the people involved in this coin but the whole world.

  4. The EverGreenCoin community is an amazing group. EGC has attracted some brilliant and creative minds that drive the project. I am excited and encouraged by their contributions and to where we will take this project and the good that will come of it. Thank you for this introduction to EGC bitdragon and I hope it brings more like-minded individuals into the project and community.

    EGC dev

    1. It's actually my pleasure for allowing me to publish your project. I am so excited to share this content because I know the people who will be part of this will have no regrets and Im sure they will be delighted in the future. Thanks again.

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