Saturday, July 2, 2016

Who wants RUBIES?


       Everybody wants rubies, It's one of the very precious stones,  but wait, I'm not actually talking about the gemstone buddy, I'm referring to a crypto currency that was name after it.

      Introducing RUBIES.. a cryptocurrency and  first of it's kind. Unlike any other altcoin, rubies is somewhat different,You dont need any equipment or rigs to mine, but you can have it  through BET-MINING

                                         For every 1 bitcoin transaction you can mine 30 rubies 

       Mining rubies while engaging in gambling is a fun way to collect this coin, If you are really into gambling then why not try this  SITE , It's one of gambling online casino that accepts bitcoin as payment processor and the one who backed up RUBIES.

      As you can see, Rubies has an infinite supply , as long as there are players who played and paid for bitcoin, rubies can always be generated except the developers decides to stop it.  But the question is , how about INFLATION? If there are so many players likewise so much bitcoin put into it,  then there will be so many supply of RUBIES. To put it simply, Yes, if that happens, however the developer now has decided to have a HALVING. Meaning they reduced the number of rubies you can mine with 1 bitcoin transaction, Instead of 30 rubies, its been reduced to 20 rubies.

     We can assumed if there will be another halving coming and it will reduced to 10 rubies between 1 bitcoin then the supply will be limited and demand will increase. why because like bitcoin, you can also use rubies to bet in the casino , as long as there are people who love gambling, they're gonna used rubies as a substitute to bitcoin to play in there game.

    Just for clarification, I'm not encouraging anyone to engaged in gambling business just to have rubies, It's your own decision and you understand the risked incurred by this game. Besides there are still ways to  have this coin aside from gambling and that is TRADING. Yes, you can buy rubies in TRADING platform sites, it's a crypto currency buddy. and you can buy and sell at YOBIT,LIVECOIN and C-CEX.

    Oh before I forgot to mention. Rubies is POS type of coin with 5% annual interest, so after you bought, put it in a qt wallet and leaved it there for 12hours and you're good to go.

         The reason why I give some overview with RUBIES, because  I have a feeling that it will become big in the future, with the gambling industries backed it up. you can already picture out the outcome. So better buy more or mined and  hold it for a long term , just keep staking to make it grow.


 " Someday you will be back in this page to thank me that I share this one of a kind coin"



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