Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Have fun sharing, Have fun Earning

      Maybe some of you here always encountered this kind of adz "Earn just for Sharing Content" but most of them are scam and your effort just go to waste. Well that ends now, how about I tell you that you can totally earn with this method. Sharing content and you will get paid.


      This is my earnings actually which I gain from sharing the content I love to share with my friends, You need to have a social media account specially Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Google because you will only be credited once your friends click the link you have shared.  The price of every content depends and have a set of limit like Php50.00 to Php 100. and for every click you will be credited for Php 2.00 until you reached the limit. not bad right? 

    As for BP points, its a points where you can spend to buy loads or items as long as it compensate to the price of every items you want to claim. Its not so complicated to be part of this,  As long as you have many friends in social media and you are eager to share this content tirelessly, then there is no reason for you not to gain extra bucks. You will be paid when you reach the minimum cash out amounting to Php 500.00 directly to your bank account. 

So start your day and have fun sharing SIGN UP NOW

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