Wednesday, July 6, 2016


             Many traders shocked the sudden price increased of Yocoin (YOC) from 2,000 satoshi to 55000 satoshi, the unimaginable jumped of this coin leaved the traders confused on what reason or developments that makes this progress possible. When I checked the bitcoin forum, I did'nt find any updates or developments.

         Yocoin is purely POW and has a total supply of 19,588,900 (as of this writing) with 15% premine which according to the developer was used for giveaways, promotions and swap.

      "DESIGN YOUR OWN FUTURE" what youcoin says about ? though Im still wondering what's the purpose of this coin?

   If you are one of the lucky dude who bought this coin at the lowest price, then you must have already sitting your table while sipping your hot coffee in the bliss of gaining so much return of your investments and Congratulations with that. However to those who missed the train, then all I can say is , Its not too late..


       Do not repeat that feeling of regrets ,  when you missed the opportunity of buying YOcoin because there are still chances that you can be one of the millionaire, a coin that has a greater purpose with millions of community members and soon to go VIRAL..

REGISTER NOW  while it's still traded in pennies.


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