Sunday, July 3, 2016

WOW..Social Media Revenue sharing has started!!

               That's right, If you read my previous post I already explain to you  about the revenue sharing that will change the fate of any revshare industries and every entrepreneurs.  It has already begun and it will continue forever. Let's all be practical about investing, because it's our money involved and it's natural for us to aim for big returns, If there is a lesson I learn for 2 years in making money online,  that is there is no shortcut of becoming rich, You need to study the system, analyzed the method and be always resourceful in making a background researched.

             ADZBUZZ is here to help us and make a passive income that we thought impossible to achieved. We need to refrain from investing our hardwork money into false promises , quick get rich scheme because I tell you, there is no such thing.

       Time and timing is important here.,and right now is the time  to buy adzcoin while it's cheap  (refer to my previous post how to buy adzcoin)  if you buy adzcoin now,  you will benefit a larger amount of interest and why is that? Lets say I give you an example of 2 people bought adz at different time.

Mr A decided to upgrade his account for 120% cashback worth $100 that will make him spend 5,000 total of adzcoin at the current price of $0.02 , so in total he will recieved 6000adzcoin or worth ($120)

And what if the price of Adzcoin doubled?

     So when Mr B decided to upgrade his account for 120% cashback worth $100 that will make him spend 2,500adzcoin at the price of $0.04,  so in total he will recieved 3000adzcoin or worth ($20)

 MR A gained 1000adzcon while MR B gained 500adzcoin at the same amount of upgrade worth $100

         In this explanation MR A has  gained so much adzcoin because he bought it at the lowest price and not only that his cashback  worth 1000 adzcoin also doubled its value from $20 to $40 at the time when MR B decided to purchased the upgrade.

So what are you waiting for? Its not to late SIGN UP now!!


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