Thursday, July 14, 2016

My $12 to $141 to the top tree!!

     This is not to brag my earnings today, but to share to you how it happens and give motivation to those who are being scam. If you remember my previous post I mention how this coin will make you gain so much profit. And today is one of them if you did follow my adviced.

    From 150 satoshi to 1229 satoshi is a very big leap isn't it? To make the story short, I bought EGC from 200-300 satoshi which cost me $12 (Php552.00) and sold it today for 1229satoshi which give me the total return of  $141 (Php6,486).

   Now if you're gonna invest your money to any HYIP or Cloudmining Industry , how many months does it take to have this kind of returns? or even if your not lucky enough you might lose all your investment because 95% of these are scams. As for me It takes only 6 weeks of waiting.

    Don't get me wrong here,  maybe I sold them, but Im not dumping them, I love this coin. I will wait for another time that the price will be back to 200-300 satoshi and place again a buy order.

   Just always remember the basic trading skills BUY LOW, SELL HIGH and you're good to go..

FYI: You can trade EGC in exchanges like BITTRES,C-CEX, YOBIT and CRYPTOPIA

"HAPPY TRADING" and may you have a profitable day. 

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