Saturday, July 9, 2016

How would you like to earn FOREVER?


    If you were given a chance to go back in time what would you do? If you're gonna ask me, then I would like to travel back in year 2009 where bitcoin was sold for pennies or being used for tip. Who would imagine that it will become this expensive and rare.

  Who would guess that ETHERIUM would become the next to bitcoin, from centavos to $18. DASHcoin from centavos to $10 or even the famous joke currrency DOGEcoin where so many traders become millionaires and it's kin the DOGEcoin Dark rename to VERGE.

   As you can see, although they are all different from name to specs, they are all possessed with the same "AURA" and that is "ACTIVE DEVELOPERS and COMMUNITY" a coin where there are competent developers who worked hard not just for personal gain but with  a purpose to help and understand the community.

  ADZcoin  is a crypto currency that belonged to this categories and how would like to imagine that 1 year from now it will be the same or even greater with the mention coin above? with the project going behind the scenes, active communities, a SOCIAL MEDIA that lets you earned adzcoin for doing the same thing with FACEBOOK,

  How you like  to earn forever? YES, you are not mistaken, what you see is right. Adzbuzz is now officially open again this once in a lifetime opportunity to earn adzcoin forever. The price depends on your choice and it's affordable

Benefits received is 100% entitled to full VIP earning for $500
Benefits received is 50% entitled to 1/2 earning for $250
Benefits received is 20% entitled to 1/5 earning for $100
Benefits received is 10% entitled to 1/10 earning for $50
Benefits received is 4% entitled to 1/25 earning for $20

If  you choose 1/25 VIP earning  for $20 like me this is how it goes

   It's not a bad deal right? for $20 you're going to received this amount of adzcoin for lifetime. Unlike any other investment or any cloudmining that it has a expiration date. this will become your passive income in your old days. This might seemed penny to you. But I tell you, 1 or 2 years from now, adzcoin will rise because this is not HYIP or CLOUDMING , this is purely CRYPTO CURRENCY  like BITCOIN. 

"Dont think twice, I know you had still your doubts , but be bold to make your first step, opportunities like this comes only onces. START your first step towards the thousand miles."

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